Pregnancy Workout Update…

Happy Tuesday! The photos from today’s post make me miss vacation so much! We took these at Lake Ontario a few weeks back and while the weather was chilly, it was the perfect start to fall for us!

Since announcing my pregnancy, I’ve gotten so many questions on how my workouts have changed since becoming pregnant and if I’ve been able to keep up my regular running routine. The short answer unfortunately is no. I mentioned in my announcement post that this pregnancy has been MUCH different than my first pregnancy with Harrison. The first difference being that I was SO sick this time around. I couldn’t get through each day without taking anti-nausea medicine and loading up on tummy drops (highly recommend these for anyone suffering from pregnancy nausea- you can get them on Amazon!). Once I was on the anti nausea medicine, I did feel much better, but I was exhausted (the main side effect was drowsiness). The days I was able to get up an get my run in were few and far between. I just didn’t have the fuel that I normally had because I wasn’t eating like normal.

Fast forward a few weeks and the second issue began, I started having spotting on occasion. This was such a scary thing to experience early on in pregnancy because although it’s fairly common in the first trimester, it also makes you feel the worst possible scenario could be happening. The spotting wasn’t always happening after running, in fact it would rarely happen after running, but, because I was still early on in my pregnancy, the doctor wanted me to take it easy and walk (despite my first ultrasound around 9.5 weeks looking great and baby girl had a very strong heart beat). This discouraged me so much. Running is one of the few things that makes me feel “normal” during pregnancy so to have this taken away from me definitely took the wind out of my sails. David kept reminding me that the most important thing was growing a healthy baby and not staying in tip top shape. Although he is totally right, it’s hard to have that taken away from you when you are completely OCD about working out! Basically from week 8-16 I was dealing with this issue day by day. The doctors could not find any cause, which was even more scary and frustrating. When we went in for my 16 week scan, the maternal fetal medicine doctor diagnosed me with marginal previa, meaning my placenta wasn’t covering my cervix, but was a little close. Finally- possibly an answer for 8 weeks of frustration with no diagnosis and no reason for the bleeding. With that diagnosis, I was told that I could run, but needed to take it VERY easy. Because I didn’t want to risk anything, I did transition completely over to the elliptical for the most part. I have been doing 35 minutes on level 3 on the elliptical ~5 days a week. I thought this would be super hard for me, but I’ve actually really been enjoying it. I still feel like I’m getting a great workout in, and, it’s definitely a little more comfortable for my growing belly! If I’m not able to get to the gym, I’ve been taking a very brisk 40-45 minute walk. Just being outside makes me feel so much better. Through all of this, I take comfort in the fact that baby girl will be here before I know it and I will be able to get back to my regular stroller runs and will even be able to run a half marathon next fall. Lots of my running followers have asked when I plan to run another full marathon. The answer to that is TBD… The time commitment for a full marathon is no joke. I don’t want to be away from my babies until they are a little bigger for that amount of time. The half training is something I can do before they are awake most days.

Last but not least- baby girl is growing FAST. I didn’t start showing with Harrison until I was closer to 22-23 weeks. I’m the size that I was with Harrison at 25 weeks at 19 weeks this time around. Everyone says things happen faster on the second pregnancy…boy they weren’t kidding!! 🙂

Thank you so, so much for all of your kind words on baby girl over the last 2 weeks. I feel so fortunate to have such an incredible following that loves to interact…you all are amazing and I couldn’t be on this blogging journey with you!


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