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Happy Tuesday! You’ve all probably noticed that my looks over the last several weeks have been much looser than usual… Trying to hide a baby bump on a second baby until you’re 17 weeks along… y’all- the struggle was real! Hubs and I took countless photos of each look to try and make sure that I wasn’t giving myself away. Sucking it in doesn’t work at all when you’re that far along 🙂 Anyways- we made it! And now you know why I look a little “fluffier” in my photos! I’m trying hard to hold on to my regular wardrobe as long as I can. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve started having to wear maternity jeans. These are tough for me at this stage because my regular pants button, but they are so tight, that I feel I’m squishing baby girl in there! However, my bump isn’t quite big enough to hold up the elastic waist on the maternity jeans either… #pregolife 🙂 I will say that at 18 weeks with baby girl, I’m showing much more than I was with Harrison at this point. I can remember feeling like I had to switch to maternity full time with him around 25 weeks. Not sure I’ll make it that this time around!

I wore this look the week we told our family’s and close friends that we were expecting, so my bump was still a little hidden and was still fitting into my regular jeans. This cardigan is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve purchased for fall. You’ll likely see me in a lot of open sweaters and cardigans over the next few months since these are things that I don’t need to buy in a maternity size and can be worn after baby arrives. This exact cardigan is sold out, but I’ve linked some similar options below. I would say that a camel cardi is a fall wardrobe staple- the color goes with everything- from black to white to regular denim. You can’t go wrong! Hope you’re all have a great start to your week!



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