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Baby girl gow is due in early February! What a whirlwind of almost 18 weeks it has been. We have always wanted our babies to be close in age and we were shooting for them to be about 2 years apart. With just starting the blog in the beginning of this year, baby girl had perfect timing as we are starting to hit our stride with balancing Harrison, work and the blog. We managed to keep baby girl a secret for 17 weeks! I desperately wanted to share the news with our families in person, and since they don’t live close by, Labor Day weekend was first chance to tell them all face to face. The best part about waiting that long was that we got to do our gender reveal when we told them. Davie and I did find out the gender in the ultrasound room (I admittedly have a hard time with surprises 😊). We were thrilled to find out that we were having a girl (although I need to find out how to get a code keypad that keeps my closet door locked when she’s a teenager!). 

My first trimester was rough- much different than how I felt with Harrison. With Harrison, I had mild sickness from weeks 8-11 and it only really happened when I was hungry or overly tired. With baby girl, I had horrible sickness that lasted all day and night from weeks 6-12. Thank god for anti-nausea medicine and tummy drops because without them, I wouldn’t have been able to function. The medicine did make me super tired, but it was certainly better than feeling like I was going to lose my cookies 24/7. I attribute the tiredness from chasing my toddler around which I’m sure all second time mommas out there can attest to! 

My workout routine has been way off this time around as well. With Harrison, I ran comfortably until 30 weeks. This time around, I’m lucky if I can run a half a mile at a time without my heart rate getting too high (my doc wants it under 140 to be on the safe side). I’ve been using the elliptical, doing light running and fast walking a few days a week. 

Now that I’m well past feeling nauseous all the time, it has gotten so much easier. It’s also nice to be able to tell people and not have to hide my belly with all oversized dresses and tops. I’m just starting to miss my red wine since the thought of drinking or eating pretty much anything almost put me over the edge early on. Harrison is still trying to understand that he’s going to have a baby sister, but we are certain he will do great once she’s here! We feel very blessed to share this news and appreciate the love and support that we have been receiving from our family and friends over the last few days so much!! We can’t wait to meet our new baby girl! 

I knew I wanted to wear something special for photos for our announcement/gender reveal. I stopped by one of my favorite boutiques in Richmond, Sweetest Stitch, in search of the perfect pink dress. I love this little dress- it was the perfect shade and the little ruffles of course stole my heart. Whether you’re in search of an outfit for date night or something for a special occasion, Sweetest Stitch has you covered! The store owner, Niki, is so sweet and helpful. Anyone that is local to Richmond- stop by and check it out. 

Ruffle Skirt Dress • Sweetest Stitch
Le Specs Half Moon Magic Polarized Sunglasses • Le Specs
Tory Burch Topanga Sandals • Tory Burch

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