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Happy Thursday! I have been receiving a ton of questions around my skin care routine and I am finally getting around to sharing my daily regimen with you! A few months after I had Harrison, my skin was in really rough shape. All of the glowing pregnancy hormones were gone, I wasn’t drinking as much water as I once was when I was pregnant and my skin really started to suffer. Even before that, I never had an established a good skin care “routine”per say. I would buy different washes, and moisturizers as I went along and when I needed them. Sometimes I would splurge and buy different expensive brands, other times, I would just throw something in the cart on my weekly runs to the grocery store. Since hitting 30 and becoming a Mom happened all at once for me, I figured it was time to take control of my skin, knowing that you can never start too early with the anti aging process. Cue Rodan + Fields. Back when I started using their products in April of 2016, there wasn’t a ton of buzz about their products. Things were just starting to pick up and I had several of their reps reach out to me asking me if I had tried their products. My current rep, Tiffany (I love her- she’s the best!), had me take a skin care assessment on the Rodan + Fields web site to see which regimen would work best for me. When I took the assessment, the Reverse Regimen came back as the best fit. I LOVED this regimen and it worked so well that with my dark spots disappearing (from being a chronic tanning bed user all through college) I decided to move on to the Redefine regimen to head the start of my wrinkles off at the pass. I still use this regimen each day. It consists of a cleansing mask (you can use this as a face wash instead of a mask each day if you choose), a pore minimizing toner and a moisturizer (it comes with a daytime and PM moisturizer in each regimen). Aside from the product working wonders, I love that all of the thinking and product mixing and matching is done for me. The regimen includes everything you need to be successful with your skin care and you don’t have to constantly figure out what steps you actually need to be doing each night and morning. I recently added in the serum, which I put on after my toner each night and before my moisturizer. It has made my skin so soft and dewy! I love it. Another product that I use that is not a part of the redefine regimen, but is part of the redefine family is the eye cream. This is hands down the best eye cream I have ever used. If you follow any Rodan + Fields consultants on social media, you’ll see just how drastic the change is for anyone using this product in their before and after photos. My crows feet were already starting before using this product and I feel like it has essentially halted my wrinkles and approved the appearance of the lines so much!

The last product that I use as a part of my daily regimen is lash boost. I started using this product back in the beginning of this year. My lashes are so long and thick, that I actually now only use the product once every few days to maintain the strength of the lashes. One of my girlfriends who accidentally burned off her eyelashes with a heated eyelash curler used Lash Boost to regrow her lashes and they not only grew back, but they are so full and thick- they look amazing!

While the Rodan + Fields products are incredible, they do seem expensive. However, my regimen’s last me at least 3 months, and the moisturizer usually lasts even longer. The great thing about each regimen is you can purchase the items individually if you run out of toner for example, faster than you run out of the wash.

If you are interested in starting a Rodan + Field regimen, I highly recommend my rep, Tiffany Carey. You can find her on Facebook!

This post is in no way sponsored by Rodan + Field and all opinions are my own!

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